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My journey to Islam : C. Huda Dodge

Image may contain: one or more people and closeupI was born in San Francisco, California, and raised in a Bay Area suburb. My small town (San Anselmo, pop. about 14,000 last I checked) was a mostly white, upper-middle-class, Christian community. It is a beautiful area – just north of San Francisco (across the Golden Gate Bridge), nestled in a valley near the hillsides (Mount Tamalpais) and the Pacific Ocean. Iknew all of my neighbors, played baseball in the street, caught frogs in the creeks, rode horses in the hills, and climbed trees in my front yard. Continue reading My journey to Islam : C. Huda Dodge

MY JOURNEY TO ISLAM -Afrah Alshaibani – Canada

Image may contain: one or more people, sky, cloud, closeup and outdoorMay 2, 1996. Ever since I can remember, my family attended a non-denominational conservative Christian church (Church of Christ). I grew up in the church, taught bible school and sang in the choir. As a young teenager I began asking questions (as I think everyone does at one point in their lives): Continue reading MY JOURNEY TO ISLAM -Afrah Alshaibani – Canada

An emotional home coming to the Gaza Strip after three years and my reversion to Islam

Image may contain: 10 people, people standingThe delegation on the bus that draws into the Rafah Crossing full of the usual hopes and anxieties at reaching the Egyptian crossing into Gaza, were from Bradford and Derry. One of the group, comes originally from Palestine but his family, ethnically cleansed by the Zionists, spent years in Saudi Arabia, before the brother, Abdul Rouf AlHaddad moved to the UK. Abdul, as a holder of ‘travel documents’ since his birth in exile, was never able to return to the land of his fathers. Now, as a British passport holder of five years, he can return, as a British tourist. Not, according to the papers ceded to him by Her Majesty, as a Palestinian. But as one of her subjects. However, Palestinian in his blood and his heart, he certainly is.

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imagesby :- Sister Asiya Abd al-Zahir

Islam has been described as being the religion of Fitrah, the innate nature of all humans. It is not surprising therefore when we discover that Islam is being accepted as the only pure way of life a person can follow by millons of reverts around the world. Statistics show that out of every 5 who revert to Islam, 4 are females. This blows away the false concept that Islam is a repressive religion for women. The following is one account of a sister who submitted to Allah as her Lord, took Islam as her religion, and Muhammad (s.a.w) as her Messenger. Continue reading WHY I EMBRACED ISLAM