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Ayat ul Kursi

unnamed1) Recite while leaving your home: 70,000 angels will protect you from all sides.

2) Recite when entering your home: poverty won’t enter your home.

3) Recite after wudhu: it raises your status 70 times.

4) Recite while sleeping: 1 angel will protect you the whole night.
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Dua for Rain and Thunder

270584_10151219646963685_233022407_nAt the time of rain:

اللَّهُمَّ صَيِّبَاً نَافِعَا
Allaahumma Sayyibann Naafi’aa

“O Allaah, (bring) beneficial rain clouds.”
(Bukhari – Fathul-Bari 2/518)
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