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A Wife! By getting married you are not just getting a wife,

535900_10152842728608685_330933700823349392_nBy getting married you are not just getting a wife, you are getting your whole world. From now until the rest of your days your wife will be your partner, your companion, and your best friend.

She will share your moments, your days, and your years. She will share your joys and sorrows, your successes and failures, your dreams and your fears. When you are ill, she will take the best care of you; when you need help, she will do all she can for you; when you have a secret, she will keep it;…
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Who is worst ? Muslim world!

111111111111111There were three friends, They had a strange competition to prove who is worst among them.

First one came forward and brutally attacked a women, her face was damaged very badly, bleeding very dangerously and got fainted…And he said “Hey friends do you people agree? I’m the worst among us” Continue reading Who is worst ? Muslim world!

7 Things Your Muslim Husband Won’t Tell You

11217812_10153780467473685_6956214107556085413_nWhat’s Going Through Your Muslim Husband’s Mind?

Ever wish you could read your husband’s mind? Western culture encourages husbands and wives to talk to each other and discuss things.

However, in many Muslim cultures, men are raised to be stoic and tight-lipped. Muslim husbands are very often (not always) reluctant to talk about certain things with their wives. Continue reading 7 Things Your Muslim Husband Won’t Tell You

In Islam, marriage is a blessed contract between a man and a woman.

11051812_10153204817048685_5739901427871719620_nIn Islam, marriage is a blessed contract between a man and a woman. Each have their own role to play in making a marriage successful. It is a bit more difficult but certainly possible to make even a selected partner in a marriage a success. (Steps, Tips, Warnings)

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Baker’s Falls

67539983_475413906606850_3066072016109961216_nRoyal Tourism – Sri Lanka

Baker’s Falls is a famous waterfall in Sri Lanka. It is situated in Horton Plains National Park on a tributary of the Belihul Oya about 35 kms away from Nuwara-Eliya. The height of the Baker’s waterfalls is 20 metres (66 ft). Many Rhododendron and Fern bushes can be seen around the waterfall.

The falls were named after Sir Samuel Baker, who was a famous explorer. Samuel Baker is the famous British explorer, who tried to find the sources of the River Nile and indeed dicovered Lake Albert. Baker served as the Governor-General of the Equatorial Nile Basin between 1869 and 1873, which he established as the Province of Equatoria. His desire for travel took him to Ceylon first, where he founded an agricultural settlement at Nuwara Eliya.

♣ Contact for your tour : Royal Tourism – Sri Lanka
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Islamic law regarding marriage

11949426_10153640174223685_2288329813717066107_nIslam recognizes value of sex and advocates marriage. Islam does not believe in celibacy. The Prophet of Islam has said, “Marriage is my Sunnah (that is recommended action of the Prophet) and whoever does not follow my Sunnah is not my true follower.” (Ibn Haiah, Babun Nikah)

Allah has commanded the Muslims to marry:

“And marry those among you who are single….” (24:33)

In Islam, marriage is essentially a contract. However, the distinction between sacred and secular was never explicit in Islam. Any action or transaction in Islam has religious implications. It is not quite accurate, therefore, to designate marriage in Islam simply as a secular contract. The appropriate designation of marriage could be a “Divine Institution”.

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Respect For Our Daughters

602505_10150974443559290_742381280_nA person’s need to feel import is something perfectly natural, something instilled in human nature. It may well be that this feeling is behind many of humanity’s greatest inventions, achievements, and noble acts. This is why Allah mentions to us that Abraham (peace be upon him) said: “And ordain for me a goodly mention among posterity.” [ Sûrah al-Shu`arā’ : 84]
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