What is love?

270749_10151136640693685_563876470_nWhat is love?
My definition of Love:

The guy I want my future with,
The guy I want to marry,
The guy I want to cater for, in everyway.
When he is sad, alone and scared…
I want to be there to let him cry on my shoulder,
Confined in me and trust me.
I want to bore his kids,
Bring them up, seeing the beauty of Allah.

When he is ill, weak with no strength,
I want to be by his bedside,
And tell him stay strong, everything will be alright,
Through every tear, and every hardship,
Allah will be by our side.
I want to grow old with him,
I want to die in his arms,
And most importantly be with him in paradise!

If this is what love means…then I love you. yes I love my halal prince charming for the sake of Allah.

Courtesy – Islamicpoem.com


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